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Alia The Abomination
27 March 2008 @ 12:03 pm
Turned up on East Castle street to start my web design course but could not find the damn building. Changed the start date to 5th April. Construction was to blame (though god forbid a college would think to put up a sign outside the boarded work area). Shit happens.

Finally switched on the treadmill I bought today. That's a full 10days of procrastination I can be proud of. I have my excuses ofc, the time I lost the only philips screw driver, the time it got stuck between the wall and my desk, the time I felt a little off color. At any rate...I ran 25 mins this morning which I am very proud of. Though i do not expect to be able to walk tomorrow.

I watched two films last night. "Persona" and "Gozu". Enjoyed them both.

Persona: A bullied school boy returns to school wearing a strange mask. He is much more confident (and creepy) than he used to be. More kids start to wear them and soon half the school is doing so. The anonymity is allowing the 'weaker' students to lose their inhibitions but soon some of them start going to far, taking revenge on anyone not wearing a mask. People die, our stars investigate.

Barely scratched the surface of an interesting concept but then it really was not trying to be anything other than a cool horror movie with some cool masks in it. Also as in the end there was nothing supernatural going on it did not really explain why a)the masks smiled occasionally and b)how this little chap managed to bewitch the girl and lead her to the mask makers house...

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Gozu...well it was Mike Takashi after all so it is not suprising that it is a little hard to describe. Basically a member of a gang goes insane and the rest of the gang decide he has to die as he is too high risk. On the way to the 'disposal site' the not so smooth star accidently kills the insane guy. Whilst trying to find a phone, the dead guy dispaears and he has to hunt him down.

Every character in this film is brilliant for one reason or another. Transvestite restaurant staff, a deluded rival gang member, a sadistic and lactating inn owner (so rare to get those two adjectives in one sentence), It is just so much fun. Makes no sense at all though. Lets just say my favourite character was the cow man that appears in his dream and my favourite part was the totally bizarre ending. You can not really go wrong with a man getting his penis stuck in a woman and dragging her all over the house...

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Alia The Abomination
11 March 2008 @ 03:32 pm
Returning to LJ after a long time away is genuinly like visiting an old house you used to live in.

so strange. Is it weird I perceive it as a derelict house at that? Maybe not, thats probably because so much has changed since I was last here that I associate this site with incorrect information.
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